Our story

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Once upon a time, two gods of Ancient Greece sat on the top of Mount Olympus and entered into a contest. The prize? To take possession of the ancient city below, home of the Acropolis.

Poseidon, god of the sea, conjured a mighty horse, a symbol of physical strength. Athena, goddess of wisdom, brought forth an olive tree…

Who do you think won the city?

While Poseidon’s horse was more impressive at first sight, Athena’s olive tree was judged to be more valuable by the people of the city, for it would provide food, oil and shade for many generations. The city was named Athens after its wise patroness.

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This story inspired our agency’s name because it encapsulates how we want to help our clients communicate. Gone are the days of forceful marketing, of Poseidon’s might – now is the time for intelligence, for artful persuasion, for creating irresistibly winsome brands that draw people to them and keep them coming back.

Athena’s careful use of power also spoke to us as an agency founded and led by women, who are also working mothers. Olive Stories has been set up on smart phones while trying not to burn the fish fingers. We know how to juggle, we are available all hours: nobody works harder than us.

We also love stories and we only hire people who do, too. Specifically, we work solely with trained and experienced journalists, a breed which has seen their traditional streams of work dry up as print media has migrated online.

These are the people who have learnt and practised the craft of storytelling. They know how to find the content to make a story sing, how to cull irrelevant detail, how to use opposition to create tension, how to get audiences invested and keep them guessing.

Enlightened businesses are waking up to how these techniques can be used to talk to their own audiences.

This is our story. Now tell us yours…

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Olivia Hill